Creating Agricultural Prosperity and Food Security

Creating Farmers. Creating Food-Based Businesses. Connecting Local Food Suppliers to Consumers, Restaurants, and More.

Grow More Food

Lower the barrier to entry for new and existing farmers, ranchers, or other producers

Easier Access to Supply

Consolidate food products across growers to create a larger opportunity for buyers, (consumer or commercial)

Connect Sellers & Buyers

Connect food producers to food buyers in wholesale, retail, or public institutions leveraging the collective supply

KAPA Research Recruitment Survey

The Ketchikan Agricultural Producers Association is Initiating a research study to explore the build of a food hub in Ketchikan. This hub is designed to make it easier for local producers to scale their operations into a financially viable business, if they so desire. Examples of services a hub could offer include: certified shared-use processing space (kitchen), warehousing & storage, and aggregation of products across several producers to sell to the marketplace. We need to hear from everyone who affects the food system in our community. Please help us! Click Here to Access Survey

Our Mission

KAPA was formed to create food security and economic opportunity for the greater Ketchikan Gateway community by centralizing the resources necessary to support agricultural producers growing, processing, selling, and marketing their agricultural commodities.

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