About KAPA

The Ketchikan Agricultural Producers Association (KAPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering food security and creating economic opportunities for the greater Ketchikan Gateway community. We strive to achieve this by centralizing resources and providing support to local agricultural producers in growing, processing, selling, and marketing their products.

Our Mission

KAPA’s mission is to enhance food security and generate economic opportunities for the Ketchikan Gateway community by providing the necessary resources and support to local agricultural producers.

Our Goals

1. Increase the number of agricultural producers in Ketchikan
2. Lower the barrier to entry for value-added production
3. Facilitate connections between producers and consumers through:
– Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes
– Farmers Markets
– Producer-to-Retail partnerships (e.g., Grocery stores)
– Producer-to-Wholesale collaborations (e.g., Restaurants)
– Producer-to-Institution initiatives (e.g., School District)

By working together with local producers and the community, KAPA aims to create a sustainable and thriving agricultural ecosystem in Ketchikan, ensuring access to fresh, locally-grown products and supporting the growth of our local economy.