KAPA Project Detail | Food Hub Operational Plan

  • Operationalize KAPA Food Hub
    • Craft rollout plan and timeline for each core component of the facility, including systems and procedures for optimal facility operations 
    • Advise on facility build-out (processing equipment, sanitation, food storage) and  required facility specifications that incorporate standard industry best practices and local food safety regulations
    • Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for main facility areas: multi-use aggregation/storage facility, packing and processing facility, and other possible facility areas
    • Draft job descriptions for key personnel, design organizational chart, and develop recommendations for specific positions and employment requirements, e.g., certifications, licenses
    • Ensure regulations and certifications are compliant prior to launch
    • Provide templates for user/vendor/supplier agreements, including institutional buyer agreements, retail vendors, and aggregation facility/warehouse users
    • Prequalify potential wholesale buyers; facilitate introductions with key decision makers, as possible
    • Recommend scheduling and billing solutions and onboarding procedures
    • Develop supply and demand pipeline of farmers and buyers to support long-term growth
    • Provide resources for technical assistance and on-farm training, e.g., GAP and other food safety certifications

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